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At its inception in 2005, “Love Fossil” was the name given to the improvised stories and songs performed weekly by singer/guitarist Ben Hunter in a small brewery along the banks of the Grand River in Grand Rapids, Mich. We’d call out for another “Love Fossil,” and on the spot Hunter would compose a song about the extinction of the dinosaurs, their migration patterns, and the hopes they held out for humans to later uncover their bones and know that they were indeed once alive. Sometimes sounding like Bowie, other times like Danzig, Hunter drew on ancient melodies to turn out new declarations of rock and roll.

The band
Love Fossil soon came together -- with Wes Eaton on drums, Diamond Deschaine on bass, and Kevin Cole performing live video and light compositions -- to fully actualize Hunter’s initial inception. Writing songs came easy, and audiences across the area were soon treated to compositions put together earlier in the evening. 2006’s Scientists, Save Us!, recorded by students of sound engineering at Grand Valley State University, showcased songs such as “The Day The World Died,” “Brontosaurus Stomp,” and “Pangaea”, reflecting the bands’ interest in the portrayal and politicalization of Earth’s geologic past. Written against a backdrop of cultural contests between popularizing Atheists such as Richard Dawkins, and vocal Creationists like Ken Ham, Scientists, Save Us! juxtaposed this fetishized duality of faith and reason.

In 2011, as the list of songs continued to build, lead guitar player Jeremy Kosmicki joined the band, adding a new layer and signature, stoic guitar lead lines that have since come to define the sound of
Love Fossil. Now as a five piece, the band recorded its second effort Memes and Ribosomes with the help of long time “sixth man” Christian Kremo in 2013. Whereas Scientists, Save Us! described a modern journey through the cultural milieu of scientization and religiosity, Memes and Ribosomes focuses on a range of throughly human questions -- fear and power in the face of warfare, bringing spirituality into technological society, and rooting out the emotional and human bases of rational science. The band will perform Memes and Ribosomes live for the first time at their CD release party (with Apostles) at The Pyramid Scheme December 6th.